Hydroelectric Power Plants

Haymeana I-Il HEPP Projects

The Haymeana I-II HEPP Project is located in the Aegean Region, within the borders of the Kütahya province, on the south of the Domaniç district and the north of the Tavşanlı district. The project is formed by the combination of the Haymeana I and Haymeana II Regulators and the HEPP projects. The Haymeana I Regulator has been planned on the Orhaneli stream. At the estuary of this project, the Haymeana II Regulator has been planned on Dola creek, which is a branch of the Orhaneli stream. The project has a total installed power of 12.1 MWe, as 9.6 MWe at Haymeana I Reg. and HEPP, and 2.5 MWe at Haymeana II Reg. and HEPP. Within the scope of the project, there also are 2 transmission tunnels of 3,800 m total length, 2 power plant buildings, 2 regulators and 1 forebay pool.