About Us


The know-how and experience acquired by Polat Yol Yapı San. ve Tic. A.Ş. since its foundation in 1975, and the corporate culture we have generated and the values we strongly cherish have allowed us to carry our position in the national market also over to the international market and forge ahead on the path to evolve into a company that is preferred worldwide.



Combination of Traditional and Modern Elements


Our company emerges to the forefront by its corporate management approach that is integrated with traditional elements; and is evolving into a preferred brand both in the national and the international market . Our company, which has been able to blend three generations of our family with professionals who are the best in their jobs under the same roof, is evaluated as a strong business partner that is appreciated in the international business environments by its target-oriented organization, corporate management approach and vast equipments.



Our Power Source


We derive our power from the values we hold before everything else. In addition, our professional management team and all our employees, equipments, strong financial structure, ability to use the latest information technologies and construction techniques, and our human and nature focused policies along the quality-environment-safety axes, based on standards constitute the sources of our power.



Technology, Quality, Environment and Safety


The essence of Polat Yol Yapı business understanding is constituted by offering a comfortable, contemporary and safe living space, using the latest management and construction technologies. Our company, which has fulfilled its commitment on time and in full along this essential understanding, has reinforced its human and nature sensitive policies along the quality-environment-safety axes by internationally recognized quality standard certificates.



Polat Yol Yapı in the World


Our company, operating in Azerbaijan, Morocco and Oman outside the borders of our country, has undertaken numerous infra-and super-structure projects that contribute to raise the quality of life in the regions it works, and aims to grow even further by expanding its coverage in the coming days. We work with a service understanding that is compatible with the social, cultural texture  of the region and all legal legislations, as closely knit with the local public, and with the awareness of a world company.



For better future…


We are moving ahead in light of our principles and values in order to achieve our goals. In addition to being a profitable company in the commercial sense, we also strive hard to be an efficient and productive company and build better tomorrows.