Quality Policy



This policy aims to target the continuous improvement of our business processes, by upgrading our innovative and creative services to achieve excellent business results, with the participation of the employed staff together with the increasing investments in order to ensure client satisfaction in the works performed. 


In this purpose;


- Concerning with our clients’ necessities, meeting the clients’ requirements and ensuring unconditional clients’ satisfaction,


Completing the project within the expected time,


- Meeting our employees’ requirements and expectations by providing proper work environment and conditions,


- Complying with all relevant legal and sectoral requirements,


- Providing all the necessary trainings to our employees by accepting that educated staff will be more adapted for presenting good and successful projects to our clients,


- Supplying the requested raw material in the most adapted way by working in coordination with our suppliers and our sub-contractors,


- The objective is to increase our successes abroad in order to be the most demanded company internationally as nationally.


-Implementing Quality Management Programs and continuously improving are the quality policy of our Company.



Environment and Work Health and Safety Policy



With a complementary approach to population and environment, conscious about its responsibilities towards the environment, our company has a fundamental mission to minimize occupational diseases and occupational accidents by observing human and safety factors and providing the most adapted work environment to the employees. 



In this purpose; 


- Our company meets the laws, regulations and standards about environment and work health & safety.


- Polat Yol Yapı ensures that all the staff working in its company works in a safe and healthy work environment.


- In the projects, it aims to prevent future environment pollution by using eco-friendly inputs and aims leave a livable environment to the next generations.


- By using natural resources, it adopts an environment-friendly approach and always looks for ways to save on energy consumption.  


- It provides the necessary trainings in order to extend work safety issue among all the working staff, suppliers and subcontractors.


- Polat Yol Yapı, conscious of the success of the application of “Zero accident” policy, also makes it a continuous aim. 



Human Resources Policy



our company providing services nationally and internationally; recognizing the knowledge that, people makes the difference in today’s competition environment;


- Maintaining the highest level of occupational health and safety measures,


- Increasing the motivation level of the employees, 


- Improving the commitment to the company and the cooperation between employees constantly,


- According to the principles and objectives of our company, developing and presenting human resources systems that will ensure the sustainability and the efficiency of manpower  are the fundamentals of our human resources policies.