Eston City

In the Eston Sehir Mahallem project, we dreamed of a park that will unite the natural valley structure of the land and the project residents. The primary goal of our project was to support neighborhood relations with different residential units and lively outdoor venues, and yet not to make any concessions from privacy. While green capillary branches infiltrating the residential units from the valley interconnect the whole settlement, they also form the routes of the project, the pedestrian and bicycle tracks. Thus, in-estate social life is not disrupted due to vehicle traffic and landscape diversity is achieved. As the physical and social environment prosper with low-storey residential blocks, the created settlement texture gives the feeling of having been formed over time.

The children’s playgrounds, social areas boosting neighborhood relations, commercial units to meet your daily needs on the main street of the estate, which we have designed while transforming a valley into a neighborhood, are included among the wealth that beautify living.